Open House: September 30, 2015

CBS Startup Team

Open House!

The CBS Startup Team (pictured above) is hosting an Open House on September 30, 2015, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m, at our offices in the Columbia Tower. The address is 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3600.

RSVP here.

We hope to see you!

We plan to have some of our friends in the tech community show off some of the things they have been working on. It will be a fun evening. We hope you can make it!

Announcement: Moving to Carney Badley

New Startup Law Practice

My good friend and former DLA Piper colleague Mike Schneider and I are pleased to announce that we are bringing our corporate and IP transaction practices together to work on startups and emerging companies at the law firm of Carney Badley.

Carney Badley

You can find information about Carney Badley at

A New Alternative For Startups & Emerging Companies

We are excited to be working together again, and are looking forward to offering a new option for legal services to startups and emerging tech companies in the Pacific Northwest.  Startups and emerging companies can come to us for help with business formation, angel and venture financings, IP transactions, software licensing, exits and other strategic transactions.

We will also represent angels and institutional investors in their investments in early stage and tech companies.

A New Blog:

We will be blogging at, and we will also plan a podcast discussing startup and legal issues.  Stay tuned for more details.

If you are interested in hearing more about our new platform, please feel free to reach out to either of us directly.

Best regards,

Mike Schneider & Joe Wallin

Learn more and contact Mike here.

Learn more and contact Joe here.

Angels, Pitches, and Beers is Back!

Angels Pitches and BeerAngel Investor Gary Rubens and Seattle attorney Joe Wallin of DWT are collaborating on this event.

If you are an angel investor, or if you are a company looking for angel funds, you might like to come to this event.

Event: “Angels, Pitches & Beers”

When: Wednesday, November 19th, 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where: SURF Incubator, 999 Third Avenue, Seattle, 7th Floor

Pitch format: Private room, 10 minutes (total, including setup)

Cost: Free


The Idea behind the Event: Connecting Angels With Companies Seeking Funding

Companies seeking funding spend a lot of time trying to meet angels. Similarly, angels spend a lot of time meeting with companies, shepherding deals to other angels, etc. The whole process is fraught with inefficiency, and is very time consuming.

At this event, we will try to connect entrepreneurs with active Angel Investors. We hope to have a good crowd of active angel investors (13 at the last event). We also hope to have a bunch of companies seeking angel funds in attendance (40 at the last event).

What to expect:

Show up on time, sign in, get your name tag, red solo beer cup, and please enjoy the networking opportunities, drinks and some snacks while you wait.

There is no guarantee you will get to pitch if time runs out; it depends on how many companies show up.

Companies will be selected on a first come, first served basis. However, if you do not come with the requirements listed below or if you pitched recently, you will not be allowed to pitch again until you show significant changes in your business status.

The list of companies pitching will then be posted outside the pitch room. Please arrive and wait outside the pitch room in advance of your pitch slot. You will be called in when it’s your turn.

Pitch Format:

10 minutes total, this includes set up, handing out your executive summary, your presentation/PowerPoint and QA. You will not be allowed to run over the allotted time. Angels will be able to follow up with you later if they wish to.

Pitches will be in a private room, not in front of the crowd.

If you expect to watch other companies pitch to a crowd, this is not the event for you. We want the undivided attention of the Angels focused on the Companies who are pitching. We have a large TV and projector for your presentation, so bring your own device to connect with all associated adapters.


You must bring the following if you wish to pitch, no exceptions:

1-Presentation/PowerPoint – (Angels love demo’s)

2-Executive summary sheet to hand out (15 copies)

3-Your own device and dongles

4- Business cards (optional)

It should be a fun event. Please tell folks about it. I hope to see you there.

Bonus: Practice Pitch

There will be opportunities to practice your pitch to seasoned entrepreneurs in private rooms.

Angels, Pitches and Beers

Folks have been asking a bunch of questions about this event. Such as how the event is going to work, how to sign up, whether they will be able to pitch, how the pitches will work, etc.

Here are the answers to the questions I have received so far. Don’t hesitate to email me or comment below and I will add more detail. We hope you can come.

Gary Rubens and I have organized a great group of angels for this event. It will be a great evening.

Will My Pitch Be Public?

No. Your pitch will be in a conference room with just you and your team and the angels.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up here. If you don’t sign up, don’t worry. Just come.

Will I get to pitch?

When you arrive there will be a pitch sign up sheet available. We will try to get everyone who signs up the chance to pitch. We might work on a first come, first serve basis. We might decide on some other method we will announce at that time.

How long will pitches be?

10 minutes. Timed. That includes Q&A time. So plan for that

Will I need a power point?

There will be a power point machine available, connected to a PC–so that you can quickly load a presentation if that is what you want to do. But be prepared to pitch without a power point if we have technical difficulties.

What should I bring?

Bring an executive summary one pager and business cards to give to the angels

How many angels will be there?

We expect 6-10 active angels to attend each event

How often will this event be held

We will gauge demand but possibly monthly or bi-monthly

Does it cost anything to attend?

No, all costs are taken care of by the organizers

Can I bring a friend or attend as a business promoting my services?

Please come but please know that we are trying to have a fun night focused on connecting angels to companies.