Startup Week Seattle, October 20-24

SSWStartup Week is coming to Seattle October 20-24 there will be events all day everyday for the week. from 9am – 9 pm all around the city of Seattle. We are doing this to highlight the many facets of the startup community and to bring others into the community who might not have been able to or don’t know where to start.

There are a lot of folks working on organizing the 13 different “tracks” such as; design, social good, new to Seattle and University.

I had the good fortune to attend Startup Week Denver for a couple of days a few weeks back. It was really well organized, and the events were great.

I am sure Startup Week Seattle is going to be great too.

My friend Michael Grabham is organizing the “Failure Track.” I have been organizing the “Legal Track.”

The Fail Track

The idea behind “tracks” is this. Each day there will be an event focused on several of the tracks. so you could go to a design event in the morning and then a legal track at noon and another track at night. Most events are less than 60 mins or less so you could go to them and head back to work if you wanted.  So, for each day of startup week, you will be able to attend an event on failure at some point of the day. How hard failure is. The best part of failure. How to recover. How to learn. How to get back up. You  will be able to hear from a CEO like Rand Fishkin and others who are willing to share their failures that made them a success.

Here is a summary of the Failure Track:

“We all hear stories of how someone was successful.. but we rarely hear stories of the failures it took for that person to be successful.  It is a very rare bird to fly the first try, most fail on more than one occasion before having what some would say is an overnight success.  It is the failure that teach most of the lessons we will never forget or at least remember for a long time. We need to share the stories of failures more often to help other learn the hard lessons that we have learned by falling flat and getting back up to battle another day. We are attracted to others who show vulnerability, not perfection as we can relate to people with flaws since all of us know we possess them.”


Monday 330-5 pm Heart Attack, When Rand Fiskin of Moz called 911
Tuesday TBD Doctors Orders: How to spend $500M and still F_ _ _
Wednesday TBD Life Support: know when to pull the plug on your idea/project
Thursday 12-130 pm Autopsy: Digging Deep to Discover Where it All Went Wrong

The Legal Track

The Legal Track is going to feature an event each day by a law firm in town that works a lot with startups.

I have put the schedule for the Legal Track below.


Law Firm Day of Event Title of Event
Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP Monday, October 20 Crowdfunding
Fenwick & West LLP Tuesday, October 21 Seed financings, including seed equity and convertible notes
Perkins Coie Wednesday, October 22 Valuation impacts and trends for startups
Wilson Sonsini Thursday, October 23 Intellectual Property Fundamentals for Startups
Cooley LLP Friday, October 24 Capitalizing your Startup”  (issuing founders shares, employee equity, seed financing—how to issue equity, maintain flexibility and properly incentivize founders, employees, and investors)

We look forward to seeing you!